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We've all heard the running joke told to the person wearing a camouflage jacket.

"Sorry buddy, I didn't see you there."

At Rockin' Camo we love a good joke about camo. But c'mon, let's get a little more creative.

Telling someone they are invisible for wearing camo is like telling Roxanne, "hey big nose".


And just like the infamous Steve Martin scene, we have way more camo jokes than you do!

So buckle up and get ready for the 20 best camo memes and jokes on the internet in 2020.

1. Prince Harry unsure of the best tactical approach.

2. What to do with your wedding dress after you've worn it? 

3. Has anyone seen dad?

4. The flamingos don't stand a chance.

5. Natural camo is the best camo.  

6. The best strategy to avoid household chores.

7. Can I take a look?

8. Relax, you are wearing camo. 

9. Throw the package thieves off the scent.

10. Who wears camo and doesn't hunt???

11. Even better than a brush

12. Animals know when they are invisible.

13. There is definitely good and bad camo streetwear.

14. She can't laugh at what she can't see!

15. Because nobody is ever going to notice that tank.

16. Good luck finding this toilet paper while camping.

17. When the camo joke itself is invisible.

18. When your marketing strategy needs a little work.  

19. No one will notice. 

20. Good Soldier

21. Hopefully you can find Rockin' Camo!