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Alpha Industries SS19 features vintage military style and ‘Battlewash’

Alpha Industries SS19 Collection sets the tone for the brand’s 60th anniversary with several vintage and military-inspired pieces a highlight.

Founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee Alpha Industries was initially a contractor to the United States military. The brand has gone on to become a leader in military style and fashion apparel.

This year is the brand's 60th anniversary and the SS19 collection sets a reflective tone, paying homage to the vintage Alpha Industries pieces of the past.

Alpha Industries is probably best known for their classic military style jackets and SS19 features a new range that will satisfy fans of military garb, with bomber jackets, flight jackets and parkas all represented.

The Battlewash Collection (above) is a range of jackets treated with a unique garment wash process, which incorporates special dyes to breakdown the fabric colors making them look well-worn.

The following gallery features military-inspired apparel dropped for SS19.

To see more of Alpha Industries SS19 and The Battle Collection click here.

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