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maharishi introduces two camo variants for SS20 DPM

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Environmentally conscious British label maharishi, has revealed a new collection featuring two new camouflage variants for its SS20 DPM Collection - Neo Rain & Desert Rain

Taking into account the increasing unpredictability of weather, man’s impression on the earth is becoming more impactful.

It is with this in mind that maharishi has produced an environmentally friendly DPM collection featuring sustainable high-quality fabrics.

Desert Rain is the English label’s take on East German Strichtarn 'Rain Camo' mixed with a variant of the U.S. Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU) called ‘Choc Chip Camo’.

The new collection includes a sparser variant – DPM: Neo Rain – inspired by “the varying sparsities of the grailed Vietnamese Tigerstripe camouflage”.

Highlights of the collection include the The Space Geisha Organic Overshirt – an Organic Twill, hand machined overshirt with embodied details.

Another highlight is the Neo-Rain Camo Summer Shirt crafted from Japanese Cupro

Cupro is a biodegradable and ecologically friendly fabric that has been crafted from a by-product of the cotton production process involving waste fibres that are too small to spin, and which have a fine, silky soft texture.

This special fabric has been dyed with organic vegetable extracts, further reducing the environmental impact of production.

Check out the new maharishi collection at their webstore.

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