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Supreme responds to copyright charge of stealing camo designs

Supreme has responded to a claim it stole the design for its popular FW19 Tribal Camo design from a hunting apparel brand, ASAT Outdoors claiming it wasn’t even theirs to begin with.

Supreme rose from a small skateboarding store to become one of the powerhouses of global streetwear. Late last year, a small brand known as ASAT Outdoors lodged a copyright claim that suggested Supreme had stolen the smaller brands camouflage design.

Last week, Supreme representatives filed a response with the federal court in New York that denied the smaller brands’ claims, suggesting ASAT didn’t create the pattern, but merely acquired it from another company.

The representatives did, however, admit that Supreme failed to license the camo print.

Fashion law suggests even if ASAT doesn’t have exclusive rights to the camo print, they could potentially still sue for improper use.

Supreme is maintaining the defence of ‘fair use’ and that ASAT suffered no damages from the use of the print. Certainly a difficult thing to quantify given the similarities of the print and the fact it is the main design of ASAT Outdoors. The ASAT Outdoors print is on the far right below.

For now Supreme is asking for the case to be dismissed. The ball is now in the court’s court.

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