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Viberg drops “bombproof” Service Boot inspired by WWII

CXL Service Boot

Viberg have released an updated interpretation of Viberg's original Service Boot, originally designed by founder Edwin Viberg back in 1931.

Viberg has been owned and operated by the same family since 1931 when Edwin Viberg produced the first pair of Service Boots.

While a genuine heritage brand, Viberg now uses contemporary manufacturing techniques, including Goodyear welting, cementing, and side wall stitching, to enable optimum flexibility and capability.

The CXL Service Boot is built on the sleek 2030 last, which originally evolved from a Canadian military last.

Military lasts are typically some of the best fitting as they were designed to accommodate a wide variety of feet.

The CXL Stitchdown Service Boot features a low profile silhouette and an almond shaped toe being originally based on standard issue military boots during WWII.

This rigorous production process that goes into creating a Viberg boot utilizes high-quality leather midsoles and uppers to create a boot that will last for life, moulding to your feet over time.

The ‘Stitchdown’ construction makes for a tough boot that can be resoled numerous times.

Today, the Service Boot remains the brand’s best seller and every pair to leave the factory is now finished by Glen Viberg, Ed's son.

The CXL Stitchdown Service Boot is available in Natural, Brown, Black & Colour 8.

To read more about the Viberg CXL Service Boot head over to Standard & Strange.

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